INCITE Journal of Experimental Media #5
2014 – 2015

"Even when we don't want to address the megaplex, we already have. We live in ever-more intimate proximity to impersonal fame and distant celebrity. Los Angeles doesn't just play itself, as Thom Andersen said in 2003, today the city asserts itself: it is popular, atomized, and always in dispersal. And now it's in INCITE too – though even in absence, the presence of Hollywood was here all along." – Excerpt from Peter Nowogrodzki's "Editorial Statement"

Editor: Peter Nowogrodzki

Contributors: Sam Axelrod, Christina Battle, Colin Beckett, Roger Beebe, Giampaolo Bianconi, Ian Cheng, Pablo de Ocampo, Brian Droitcour, Walter Forsberg, Anna Ialeggio, Gregory Kalliche, John Klacsmann, Norman Klein, Oliver Laric, Kevin B. Lee, Olia Lialina, Jodie Mack, Ian Page, Lucy Raven, Kalan Sherrard, Amy Sloper

194 pages, perfect bound 
Full color

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Table of Contents

Call for Submissions

Peter Nowogrodzki Editorial Statement


Blockbuster Effects
Walter Forsberg B.B. D.F.
Roger Beebe Blockbuster
John Klacsmann Not Blockbuster
Jodie Mack Variations on Blockbusters
Amy Sloper Lab Bags


The Hollywood Psyche
Colin Beckett Finding a Liberal Form:
Oppenheimer, Morris, Godmilow
Christina Battle Hollywood Movies, Media Hype, and the Contemporary Survivalist Movement:
An Appropriated Study
Giampaolo Bianconi Power Sources: Energy in Today's Superhero Blockbuster
Ian Page Like Literally Driving Without a Steering Wheel at the Speed of Light on a Road That May or May Not Exist and Apparently We've Hit Some Things Already: A Conversation with Norman Klein
Kevin B. Lee Pre-making a Chinese Hollywood Blockbuster: Transcultural Flows and the Culture of Anticipation in Transformers: Age of Extinction


Audience vs. User
Brian Droitcour Yelp Reviews
Sam Axelrod Netflix Comments
Olia Lialina Turing Complete User
Kalan Sherrard Image Dump


Movie Consequences: The Reality in Illusion
Oliver Laric Versions
Lucy Raven Deep Background
Anna Ialeggio The Game of the Future
Ian Cheng Screenshots
Gregory Kalliche On Mimetic Polyalloy
Pablo de Ocampo Unseen Cinema: Lucy Raven's Curtains






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