Exhibition Guide
INCITE Journal of Experimental Media #4
2013 – 2014

EXHIBITION GUIDE, described as "brilliant and essential" by Mike Everleth of Underground Film Journal, surveys the breadth of alternative media exhibition practice; from microcinemas past and present, to a history of mobile film exhibition, to artists who use film without projectors and projectors without film; supplemented by an array of technical resources.

Editors: Brett Kashmere and Walter Forsberg
Layout and Design: Jasen Lex

Contributors: 40 Frames, Adam Abrams, Steve Anker, Rebecca Barten, Christina Battle, Scott Miller Berry, Bill Brand, Bill Brown, David Cox, Bill Daniel, Donna de Ville, Clint Enns, Bradley Eros, Kate Ewald, The Flinching Eye Collective, Walter Forsberg, Brian L. Frye, Sandra Gibson, Elena Gorfinkel, Sabine Gruffat, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Josh Guilford, Sarah Halpern, Ed Halter, Adelheid Heftberger, Kier-La Janisse, Michael Johnsen, Sharon Johnson, Chris Kennedy, Richard Kerr, Bryan Konefsky, Christy LeMaster, Alain LeTourneau, Jeanne Liotta, Kate MacKay, Alex MacKenzie, Jesse Malmed, Caroline Martel, Theo Michael, Alice Moscoso, David Nelson, Gordon Nelson, Tara Merenda Nelson, Greg Pierce, John Porter, Melissa Ragona, Luis Recoder, Marcus Rosentrater, Ben Russell, David Sherman, Spectacle, Tess Takahashi, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, Jonathan Walley, Audrey Young

Portfolios: The Blinding Light!!, Light Industry, Magic Lanern, Orgone Cinema, Other Cinema, The Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, Spectacle

280 pages, perfect bound
Cover image: Walter Forsberg

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Table of Contents

Brett Kashmere & Walter Forsberg Introduction


Steve Anker Experimental Media Centers across the USA: A Personal History
Ed Halter Head Space: Notes on the Recent History of a Self-Sustained Exhibition Scene for American Experimental Cinema
David Sherman & Rebecca Barten Small is Beautiful
Jeanne Liotta Firefly Cinema (or Cinema for the People)
Sharon Johnson Recollections of The Standard Movie House
tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE Meanderthals in Motion (Pictures)
John Porter A Brief History of The Funnel Experimental Film Theatre
Tara Merenda Nelson Saul Levine and MassArt Film Society
Alex MacKenzie Microclimate: Vancouver, 1995-2003
David Cox Building Community through Microcinema:
Other Cinema and Me

Alain LeTourneau A Brief History of 40 Frames Exhibition Series
John Porter Martin Heath's CineCycle
Michael Johnsen & Greg Pierce
in conversation with Adam Abrams
Pittsburgh's Orgone Cinema: A Deadly Serious Joke
David Nelson minicine?, 1995 to… (An explanation of the minicine? question mark)…
Bryan Konefsky Basement Films
Donna de Ville To Pop-up and Back: A Micro-history of Aurora Picture Show
Gordon Nelson What was Jefferson Presents...?
Jesse Malmed An Anecdotal Collage History of Portland Experimental Media Culture, 1997-2012
Brian L. Frye On the Origins of the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema
Tess Takahashi Magic Lantern: Interviews with Ben Russell and Josh Guilford
Christy LeMaster An Oral History of The NIGHTINGALE
Scott Miller Berry, Chris Kennedy
& Kate MacKay
Early Monthly Segments
Kier-La Janisse Blue Sunshine: The Life and Death of a Microcinema
Kate Ewald Do It Yourself (with Others)
Marcus Rosentrater Contraband Cinema
Melissa Ragona Union Docs: UnDoing Documentary
Spectacle The Telling of the Lore: A First-Person History of Brooklyn's Spectacle
Light Industry Portfolio
Roger Beebe Afterthoughts on an Era:
Flicker Film Festival (Chapel Hill)


Mobile Cinemas
Bill Daniel Who is Bozo Texino, Film Touring 2005-2010
Adelheid Heftberger Soviet Agit-Trains from the Vertov Collection of the Austrian Film Museum
Alice Moscoso La Cyclo-Cinematheque: An Interview with Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffat
Audrey Young Cine Movil Mexico
Alice Moscoso Tunnel Vision: A Film Event Inside the World's Oldest Subway Tunnel
Bill Brand Masstransiscope
Theo Michael Tales from a Balkan VJ
The Flinching Eye Collective Atemporal Radio Tour: A Traveling Sound Performance


Expanded Cinemas
Bradley Eros Hystery is Made at Night: Mercurial Cinema is Written on Ether (Evidence of RBMC)
Jonathan Walley Re-creating Expanded Cinema
Elena Gorfinkel Film After Cinema: Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder's Light Spill and Museological Materialism
Sabrina Gschwandtner Film Quilts
Richard Kerr Motion Picture Weavings
Walter Forsberg & Clint Enns Digital Preservation
Walter Forsberg God Must Have Painted Those Pictures:
Illuminating Auroratone's Lost History


Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder Notes on "Perfect Projection"
Caroline Martel The Film Prayer
Sarah Halpern Shoes, Cars, Filth and Film Projection:
The Language of Anxiety Dreams
40 Frames Projector Image Size Calculation
  Recommended Portable 16mm Projectors
  Screen Luminance Guide
  Print Handling / Print Inspection Report Form
Christina Battle DIY Screening Checklist








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