INCITE Journal of Experimental Media #1
2008 – 2009

Editor: Brett Kashmere

Contributors: Association for Film Art, Atelier national du Manitoba, Craig Baldwin, Scott Berry, Michael Betancourt, Carl Brown, Gerda Cammaer, Double Negative, Dumba, Clint Enns, Rick Hancox, Brett Kashmere, Richard Kerr, The League, Karl Lemieux, Scott MacKenzie, Jonas Mekas, Regina Muff, Solomon Nagler, Georgette Nicolaides, Peter Nowogrodzki, Steve Polta, Daichi Saito, Leslie Supnet, Syracuse Experimental, Ryan Tebo, Leslie Topness, and Kenneth White.

147 pages, hand-bound with letter-pressed cover
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Table of Contents

Brett Kashmere Where Are We Now?


The Life, Death, and Life of Film

Rick Hancox Film–Is There a Future in Our Past? (The Afterlife of Latent Images)
Gerda Cammaer Film: Another Death, Another Life
Carl Brown AFTER: A Beginner's Guide to Alchemy
Independent Imaging Retreat FILM FARM 1994-2006: Films, Excerpts & Video Diaries
Ken Paul Rosenthal Shot of Solitude: Hand (and Heart) Processing on the Film Farm


Richard Kerr The Aesthetic WOW!
Scott MacKenzie "Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible," or, A Secret History of Film Manifestos
Jonas Mekas Anti-100 Years of Cinema Manifesto
Association for Film Art Manifesto
The League Manifesto
Atelier national du Manitoba The Horizontalist Manifesto / Les Horizonalistes: manifeste
Solomon Nagler Winnipeg Eats Itself: L'Atelier national du Manitoba's Scheme for Sovereignty
Leslie Supnet Hand Cranked VHS
Double Negative Manifesto
Brett Kashmere Against the Current: A Two-Part Interview with Karl Lemieux (and Daichi Saito)
Syracuse Experimental There's More to Filmmaking than Making Films
Regina Muff Thus Spake Zarathustra
Dumba Mission Statement / Manifesta
Scott Berry Brooklyn Babylon Cinema
Georgette Nicolaides The Good/Bad Art Collective of Denton, Texas
Steve Polta Masochism of the Margins: An Interview with Craig Baldwin
Kenneth White Directions of Encounter
Clint Enns light is the first bodily form
Ryan Tebo RAMers generation manifest
Peter Nowogrodzki The Pesto Manifesto
Michael Betancourt __________ Manifesto




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