INCITE Journal of Experimental Media #6
2015 – 2016

"The Forever, Issue 6 of INCITE is a classic. It will sit proudly on our shelf next to the “Storage’ issue of Mediamatic from 1993. It’s that good." – David Cox, OtherZine

Editors: Walter Forsberg and John Klacsmann
Layout and Design: Eliza Koch

Contributors: @timebasedmedia, Peggy Ahwesh, Anonymous, Craig Baldwin, Nadia Baram Larralde, Michael Betancourt, Mark Byrnes, Terry Cannon, Rutherford Chang, Steve Cossman, Kevin Croker, Jon Dieringer, Clint Enns, Bradley Eros, Walter Forsberg, Brian L. Frye, Jason Fulford, Marsha Gordon, Sabine Gruffat, Cheryl Hann, Brett Kashmere, John Klacsmann, Andrew Lampert, Charles Levine, Ross Lipman, Amy Lockhart, John Madey, Zak Marmalefsky, Jesse McLean, T. K. Peters, Greg Pierce, Suzanne Porath, Sabrina Ratté, Samplerman, Soda_Jerk, Leslie Supnet

230 pages, perfect bound 
Cover images: Sabrina Ratté
Full color

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Table of Contents
Sabrina Ratté [untitled image] (cover)
Zak Marmalefsky [untitled comic]
Walter Forsberg and John Klacsmann An Introductory Timeline of Editorial Interactions and Excuses


1. It's About Fucking Time
Kevin Croker and John Madey The Microscopic Paradox of Temporality
Bradley Eros Black Hole Cinema
Michael Betancourt INFINITY
Steve Cossman No Name, or, Micro Movie Viewers
Cheryl Hann The Eternal Insanity of GIF Loops and Why We Love It
Anonymous Skipping
Anonymous Night Vision
Anonymous Farm Equipment
Suzanne Porath Craig Baldwin’s Clock
Craig Baldwin Re: INCITE Forever
Mark Byrnes The Death and Life of the 13-Month Calendar
Charles Levine Computer-Cinema-Art
Peggy Ahwesh Anamorphs
Walter Forsberg and John Klacsmann A SPIRAL-side Chat with Terry Cannon
Sabine Gruffat Amarillo Ramp
Amy Lockhart [untitled drawing]


2. Pro-Long & Ext-End
@timebasedmedia Tape Heaven
Samplerman [untitled comics]
Brett Kashmere You've Got To Look Into the Light:
An Interview with Jesse McLean
Nadia Baram Larralde We Are All Haunted Houses
John Klacsmann Film Preservation in the Year 8113
T. K. Peters Preservation of History in the Crypt of Civilization
Ross Lipman Babel: the Remake
Marsha Gordon An Introduction to the Bastard Film Encounter
Greg Pierce [untitled photograph]
Andrew Lampert Invocation of My Bastard Brother
Soda_Jerk The Anarchivist Manifesto
Walter Forsberg The Hibernating Emulsion
Clint Enns [untitled images]
Jason Fulford Super Bowl XL
Brett Kashmere Print the Legend (On NFL Films)
Walter Forsberg No Olvide Su Kodak
Charles Levine Computer Communications for the Film-makers’ Co-op
Rutherford Chang Letter to Nintendo Power
Brian L. Frye Three Great Phonographers:
Warhol, Nixon, and Kaufman
Clint Enns and Leslie Supnet Duration is Dead. Infinity is Forever.


@timebasedmedia Selected Communiqués, 2014-2015


Zak Marmalefsky [untitled comic]
Sabrina Ratté [untitled image] (back cover)


With limited edition multiples by:  
[Blu-ray Disc]
John Klacsmann DURATION IS DEAD [sticker]
Bradley Eros BLACK HOLE CINEMA Dossier [zine]
Walter Forsberg and John Klacsmann INCITE #∞ Call For Entries [flier]
Terry Cannon, editor SPIRAL No. 3 (April 1985) [Compact Cassette re-issue]


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