Natal Chart for Incite

By Peter Nowogrodzki

Incite’s natal horoscope has been calculated according to the time of incite-online’s original launch (its “birth time”).  The planets, seven Chaldean and three Transaturnian, are marked on the arc of a circle as they appeared when I first uploaded incite’s /index folder to our server using an a typical file transfer protocol.  We read the chart as an articulation of incite’s birth into the world, and the subsequent life of this journal within the 365 day calendar and its derivative units; months, weeks, days, hours, minutes.  The journal’s Rising Sign, the left-most point on the circle’s arc and also the “who I am” of the natal chart, is on the fourteenth degree of Taurus (♉), a degree for which American Astrologer Marc Edmund Jones associated the following image: “Several children are splashing with delight in a receding tide, and at their feet are shellfish groping for shelter.”  If incite is a gaggle of small children at the whim of tidal flux, then the journal must also be the shellfish underneath, trampled and seeking refuge in the water’s salty depths. The Sun degree, 23 Virgo (♍), suggests a cautious nature, and careful attention to details.  Atop the chart, the northernmost point or North Node () is a navigational beacon towards which everything within the chart eventually moves.  Incite’s Node is on the eighteenth degree of Aquarius and the associated Sabian Symbol (via Jones) is: “The masquerade has long been in progress and laughing young ladies at last have forced the final male to unmask.”  The Kozminsky Symbol, an alternative image associated with this degree, is “A lion running down a dreary and barren field at the end of which is a V-shaped road.  On the one side are hunters armed, on the other a rocky entrance leads to sunlit lawns.” 



Peter Nowogrodzki is a freelance writer and artist. He is also a contributing editor of INCITE Journal.



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