New Ages
INCITE Journal of Experimental Media #3
2011 – 2012

INCITE #3 aims at addressing the generational shifts and divides in today's experimental film, video, and new media spheres, utilizing the 2010 International Experimental Media Congress as an opportunity for reflection. In addition to compiling a dossier of idiosyncratic reflections on the Congress, this issue also focuses on the renewed fascination with "New Age" spirituality, philosophy and aesthethics among contemporary media artists.

Editor: Brett Kashmere
Layout and Design: Eliza Koch

Contributors: Dominic Angerame, Jaimz Asmundson, Jeremy Bailey, Christina Battle, Thomas Beard, Roger Beebe, Michael Betancourt, Mireille Bourgeois, Jacob Ciocci, Clint Enns, Walter Forsberg, Brian L. Frye, Benj Gerdes, Brett Kashmere, Eliza Koch, Kevin McGarry, Jesse McLean, James Missen, Shana Moulton, Peter Nowogrodzki, Andrew James Paterson, Ken Paul Rosenthal, Ekrem Serdar, Leslie Supnet, and Tess Takahashi.

168 pages, perfect bound with 3D ChromaDepth glasses insert
Cover by Jacob Ciocci

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Table of Contents

Brett Kashmere Better Daze


The 2010 International Experimental Media Congress

Brett Kashmere The 2010 Congress in Context
Tess Takahashi Steering the Congress: Up Shit Creek Without a Paddle
Roger Beebe The Architecture of Dialogue
Ekrem Serdar Response to the 2010 Congress
Kevin McGarry Medium Quality
Andrew James Paterson Notes on the 2010 Congress
Benj Gerdes Response to the 2010 Congress
Mireille Bourgeois Elephants in the Air
James Missen Response(s) to '2010 Experimental Media Congress,' Dated September 12 2010
Christina Battle Recalling the International Experimental Media Congress of 2010


Brian L. Frye The Gray Lady's Guide to Avant-Garde Cinema
Clint Enns Structuralist Digital Video
Leslie Supnet Ghost in the Machine
Jeremy Bailey Nam June Paik
Jaimz Asmundson Capturing Chaos: Reflections on The Magus
Dominic Angerame The Brutal Reality of Change
Ken Paul Rosenthal Crooked Beauty and the Embodiment of "Madness"
Michael Betancourt Script-Diagram for Prima Materia
Walter Forsberg Lillian Schwartz Sees in Four-Dimensions
Eliza Koch Please
Thomas Beard Now That I'm a Woman, Everything is Strange
Shana Moulton Women's Health
Jacob Ciocci & Jesse McLean G-Chat
Peter Nowogrodzki Natal Chart for Incite






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